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A high proportion of our work is in the role of a consultant, helping clients to improve their performance and to more effectively achieve their goals. Our consultancy work also includes running workshops, as well as addressing specific issues that may be concerning a client.

We undertake research, usually of a qualitative nature. Our confidential client and staff surveys provide hugely valuable, insights into how you are perceived by those with whom you work. These are typically integrated within our strategic consultancy work, but are also available as a standalone service.

We coach teams as well as senior individuals on a one to one basis, helping them to achieve their own, and the organisation's, full potential.

One area of specialism is in business growth mentoring which we undertake to provide a highly practical, structured and systematic approach to growing your business.

Team and individual coaching is typically a critical element of the successful implementation of a Strategic Review or similar consultancy project.

Building on the experience gathered during our strategic consultancy assignments, we often go on to work with the senior team in a non-executive director type role, providing an independent, knowledgeable and strategic contribution to the Board's decision-making.

For commissioning organisations we can also act as a client's design adviser. Our activities range from helping to develop a relevant brief to liaising with creatives on your behalf. We can also take on the role of consultant or interim creative director, providing creative direction for architectural and design projects.

We offer a range of services and can act in a variety of roles to best suit your needs and the issues in question. e.g.,

Board advisor

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