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We work with clients to creatively develop strategies appropriate for today's - and tomorrow's - markets

We do this for all types of organisations combining rigorous, rational analysis with a designer approach to solution finding and an awareness of the potential for enhancing an organisation's performance by leveraging its creative assets. We also look to develop structures and systems that will work together effectively.

Our creative approach means that we can often connect the dots that others don't see.

We help organisations to make the most effective use of their creative resources - from people and products, to  brands and buildings.

Typical results include improved business performance through enhanced differentiation, improved user experiences, more consumer focused products and services, more effective design and production, more efficient processes … and much more.

We help nurture innovative thinking and develop appropriate levels of creativity.

This can be particularly important in sectors and organisations not traditionally seen as 'creative', where it can transform cultures, radically change energy levels and make significant improvements in strategic effectiveness and overall business performance.

We are a creative management consultancy.

With roots as both creatives and management consultants

our goal is to help our clients achieve their full potential.

We work with organisations, teams and individuals.

And because we think and work differently …

- we listen, research, analyse and think strategically, like management consultants

- we work holistically and creatively, like designers

- we are visually literate and design aware

- we are innovation orientated

- we help you minimise your 'saboteurs' and maximise your 'sages'

- we advise on the management of both your organisation and your creative assets

- we are consumer experience driven

- our focus is on delivering solutions and results




We have advised hundreds of 'creative' and project based organisations, helping them - and the teams and individuals within them - to achieve their full potential and attain their goals - from creative to financial.

Our clients have included a wide range of 'creatives' - from architects and engineers to designers of all kinds as well as many kinds of professional service and other project based organisations.

Our work ranges from consumer experience audits and client surveys, to vision and strategy development, to organisational re-structuring, to assisting teams with sub-strategy development to coaching individuals to help them improve their performance and effectiveness.


… we guarantee to make a difference

We connect the dots

that others don't see …

We specialise in assisting clients in 4 main areas.


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